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Business Development

Implement long-term success strategies

Whether it’s roadmap planning, G2M strategy, supply chain management, or network development, MCG will help you identify and implement strategies that enhance your long-term capabilities while seeing immediate results on current opportunities.

Sales Consulting

Rapidly close deals and increase revenue

At Midas, we understand that sales is the most critical component of your business success. Our team helps you uncover your greatest untapped opportunities for revenue growth with a proven, repeatable process to gain and retain customers.


Digital Transformation

Seamlessly manage customer interactions and automate workflows

As Hubspot Partners, our team seamlessly integrates your business within the leading CRM platform. Manage marketing campaigns, automate prospect and customer communications, create folllow-up tasks and more through one central platform.

Database Marketing

Take the guesswork out of marketing and increase your brand awareness

Don’t waste time and money on marketing efforts that show little to no results. Our strategies and tracking tools help you create smarter marketing campaigns and experience higher engagement with online ads, viral social promotions, retargeting, nurturing and SEO efforts.




A visionary technologist, inventor, and executive with over a decade of experience. He is the inventor of multiple unmanned aerial systems (patents pending) and a recognized contributor to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Data Processing UAS committee. Edgar has managed sales, marketing, and government relations teams and worked with major organizations around the globe, such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), IBM, International Civil Aviation Office (ICAO), ANSI.


A deep passion for helping companies grow their revenues and helping improve their internal operational processes, Alessandro has assisted dozens of companies optimize and automate their marketing, sales, and operations processes to increase efficiencies. Most notably, Alessandro helped an ecommerce B2C business grow their annual revenue from $20M to $100M in just 18 months and restructured a B2B business’ outdated manual sales process to an automated process where the sales team saw 10x in deals closed in less than 12 months.

PAUL CEJAS Chief Technical Officer

Malcolm Baldridge Award winning Aerospace Engineering Director with a proven track record of managing multiple $100M+ defense programs successfully. As Chief Engineer for Boeing's Autonomous Division, Paul's successes include co-creation of the Air Combat Teaming System concept and strategy, QF-16 Development and Operational Capability, MQ-25 Electromagnetic Effects integration, EA-18G Production start-up, F/A-18E/F Flight Controls, Harpoon Supply Chain integration, and AV-8B VTOL controls, all resulting in award winning teams.


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At Robotic Modern Method Construction Ltd (RMMC), expertise converges seamlessly. Our adept team brings a blend of corporate mastery, skilled engineering, and seasoned construction proficiency, culminating in a reservoir of profound experience. With a commendable history of collaborative accomplishments, our management boasts a proven track record in the effective operation of Apis Cor’s cutting-edge robotic system.




Virtual reality The officers who ran to the sound of gun fire; it is our duty to better them. It is our duty to train better, not for us, but for them.


Good Boy Contracting is a full service contracting company, in Central Florida, specializing in seamless gutters. We offer quality communication and craftsmanship to deliver professional services customized to suit your needs.

Apis Cor is backed by Alchemist Accelerator, the premier accelerator for Enterprise startups, and At One Ventures, a VC and private equity firm, founded by a co-founder  of GoogleX, and former co-lead of venture capital for the chemical giant BASF. ​


Apis Cor is an American technology company developing advanced robotics technologies and materials to 3D print homes robotically. The Company was founded to revolutionize the construction industry and make housing more affordable and accessible.​


Apis Cor is backed by Alchemist Accelerator, the premier accelerator for Enterprise startups, and At One Ventures, a VC and private equity firm, founded by a co-founder  of GoogleX, and former co-lead of venture capital for the chemical giant BASF. ​


We are a team passionate about collecting, so we entered a little more into the idea of creating in an easy and creative way our POPCANA Stands that serve as a support for your collection of Funko pops with a wide variety of colors, this way you can have the freedom to organize them as you want, so some time ago we started in the world of 3D printer, creating this collection of stands, tied to an amazing result.


Our first goal with this creation is that you have the ease of getting them and the freedom to have your Funko pops in our POPCANA Stand the way you want, from having 1 on the wall to 10 or more. We are here to be part of your collection.


Novo Terra was founded in 2022 when a group of passionate entrepreneurs discovered a new way to upcycle decommissioned aircraft. Their mission is to help build a sustainable future by repurposing aircraft instead of leaving them in graveyards to decompose throughout the world.


Novo Terra works with global leaders in aircraft teardown that recycles the traditional materials like aluminum, steel, and copper, and provide the more uncommon substances such as leather, titanium, carbon fiber, and Kevlar that in turn Novo Terra transform them to make unique products, such as bags, accessories, and even shoe wear.


It all started with our passion for fitness. We are a collective of powerlifters, bodybuilders, entrepreneurs, technologists, and adventurers. We wanted to share our love for fitness. Driven by this, we decided to start a brand that would capture your inner power by providing you with the clothes to support it and thus Athleticana was born. We strive to create amazing sportswear that inspires and makes you feel good.


Equivet Care was born from long hours of internet searching for medical information to find out whether or not a late-night trip to the Pet ER was necessary. Especially during a public health crisis, pet health care becomes exceedingly less accessible and affordable.


These new challenges deeply affect the pet health care ecosystem, requiring new approaches and tools that empower concerned pet owners and veterinarians with the attainability of quality pet care.